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Feature request Cog: WarnSystem Description You can bypass the automod by just sending a message and then editing it to the banned word. I was wondering if this could add as a feature?.

Regex significa expressão regular. É uma forma de dizer ao automod o que gostaria que o mesmo verificasse com mais pormenor do que nas regras básicas, para quando tem uma tarefa mais complicada para o mesmo..

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I would like to replace these automod rules with the RegEx Content controls offered in new reddit so as to stop people from submitting the invalid submissions in the first place since I think this creates a better experience than having automod immediately remove them..

A modifier tag, much like regex or case-sensitive, that asks Automod to match the word with any known homoglyph characters. Homoglyphs are characters that look like other standard characters, like 1337 (leet) speak or accented characters. Would flag the word čát. This is very important for many attempts by users to evade slur and hate speech.

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Aug 12, 2021 · Reddit User Agreement. Effective September 12, 2021. Last Revised August 12, 2021. Reddit ... Regex stands for regular expression. It’s a way of telling automod what you’d like it to check for in more detail than.

So to modify the groups just remove all of the unescaped parentheses from the regex, then isolate the part of the regex that you want to put in a group and wrap it in parentheses. Groups are evaluated from left to right so if you want something to be in the second group, make sure there is one set of parentheses before it. - Andrew Clark,.